Experienced Video Marketing and Production Professional skilled in lead-generation and promoting products & services to targeted audience.
Skills include...
Application of innovative & creative video solutions to attain marketing objectives
Expertise in directing creative teams
Knowledge of all aspects of the video production process
Effective script-writing for Lead-Generation & Direct Response
Acquisition, editing and presentation of highly credible testimonials
Direction of professional and non-professional on-camera talent
Started a number of Video Production & Marketing businesses that exceeded over $2 million in annual revenue.
Assembled & led skilled Production Teams and the technical facilities required to generate millions of dollars in sales for clients worldwide.
Developed unique, turnkey Video Marketing Solutions for Legal & Healthcare Professionals and directed the planning, production and publication of over 4000 clips of informative video content for clients using this solution.
Produced, edited or supervised production of almost 100 long-form and several hundred short-form Lead-Generating & DRTV shows and commercials.

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